Parent Testimonials

Our Dr. Brown's Customer Service Department receives thousands of bottle testimonials every year from new moms and dads. Please take a moment to read just how effective the Dr. Brown's baby bottle can be on feeding problems.

E.D. Hill - Host
"I had seen the Dr. Brown's bottle on the market but hadn't used them for my first four children. I couldn't believe the difference it made when I began using the bottle with my fifth child…dramatically less burping and spit-up. Honestly, I couldn't believe a bottle design could make such a difference."

Alex Kingston - From the television show, E.R.
"I'm just calling to say it's been amazing and it's the only bottle that my baby daughter will drink from. And we're really thrilled that you sent the bottle to us because otherwise we would have had great problems trying to get her to bottle-feed. I'm just calling to thank you from the bottom of my heart because it's made an enormous difference in our lives."

Cheryl Tiegs & "the boys" - Greenwich, CT
"Our babies were starting to protest the "method" that we were providing - so we were searching for an alternative. I had heard about Dr. Brown's...and happily discovered that, yes, it works!"

Michael R. Handler, M.D. - Obstetrics & Gynecology
"I've had the opportunity to evaluate Dr. Brown's Natural Flow® baby bottle. I have reviewed your test results and agree with your conclusions in regard to lower incidence of colic. I now have these bottles in my office and I recommend them to all my patients who are expectant mothers."

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Liz Batenhorst - New Jersey
"Our daughter was not diagnosed with a soft cleft palate until six months old, even after multiple visits to our former pediatrician and an ENT specialist in Northern Virginia. We knew something was not right given how much formula and food would leak from her nose.

We are thankful that we had to relocate to NJ for work resulting in a change of doctors. At the time of my daughter's 6-month well visit, our new doctor immediately pronounced that she had a cleft palate. While we were devastated, we were thankful the cleft was diagnosed and we could now understand the reason for her nose excretion.

Comments were made to us about how healthy our daughter looked and how well she had taught herself to eat before being diagnosed. Several people said that perhaps because she was always in the upper percentages in terms of weight and had no issues retaining a majority of her food, the cleft may have been overlooked. I credit Dr. Brown's bottles for our daughter's ability to eat so well. While I have no scientific evidence that these bottles help children with clefts, I have a strong maternal belief that Dr. Brown's bottles were the reason she was able to succeed in her feeding.

We are happy to report that the craniofacial team at NYU has taken great care of our daughter and she is thriving after her surgery."

Anne Scinta - Buffalo, NY
"This is THE BEST bottle system EVER!!! I just bought the bottles last night and I've already seen the difference!!! For the first time my 2 month old slept thru the night without one fuss! This morning he woke up smiling and chattering away and FINALLY drank an entire bottle without crying and fussing in between sips—he used to graze all day long, all I did was feed him all day, it seemed like he was always overfull but still hungry. This was the first time he went thru a whole bottle in just a few minutes instead of drinking one bottle for an hour—a 4 ounce bottle shouldn't take that long. Thanks Dr. Brown! I will definitely be buying another set as soon as I can!!!"

Katie Dexter - Millis, MA
"My two month old was having a very difficult time taking in more than 3 ounces of formula at a time and it could take up to an hour to feed her. I had tried several other name brand bottles and decided to try Dr. Brown’s. Not only have we cut our feeding time in half, we doubled our intake the first time we tried them. The nipple on the bottle is nice and soft so she is able to suck easily, yet the flow is not too fast. Plus, she doesn't get any air, which leaves her more room for the formula! Thanks for making such a great bottle. I won't purchase anything else ever!"

Sharon Kane - Fort Lauderdale, FL
"My husband and I tried several types of bottles before we found Dr. Brown’s. Our son had very bad gas and was in so much pain, it hurt to see him like that. After one feeding I was convinced the bottles were WELL WORTH the money. We have had nothing but success with the bottles and I am always eager to tell other mothers when they ask what kind of bottle I have. Thank you."

Danielle Herbert - Lake Worth, FL
"My best friend used your bottles with her daughter. I noticed how pleasant and happy her baby was with the bottle. No fussing, colic, etc. When I was expecting there was no question as to what my choice would be. I find that my son has less of a need to burp after feedings than when he was using the bottles in the hospital nursery. I am a first-time mom and a calm baby is almost more than I can ask for. Thank you."

Valerie Anderson - Virginia Beach, VA
"Wonderful, awesome. Has made my baby so much happier from the first bottle. I love your products. I will never buy any other kind of bottles except Dr. Brown’s. Thank you from the Anderson family, Virginia Beach, VA."

Courtney Walters Stewart - Illiopolis, IL
"I must say that I am so thrilled to have found Dr. Brown’s bottles. I have a set of twins with one that had horrible gas all the time. I tried the bottles after a suggestion from a friend and they worked!! I rushed out and bought 14 of them and they lasted until they gave up the bottle with not a single crack or problem and at least 365 runs though the dishwasher. I recommend them to everyone that I know that is having a baby, to buy them and not to waste time and money on anything else. Everyone gets them as shower gifts from me. I love being out and about and seeing mothers using them, it's nice to know that the word has spread so quickly. Thank you!"

Heather G. - Miami, FL
"Dr Brown's bottles are AMAZING! I first saw your bottles at a Baby Show and did not want to use them because it looked complicated. I have tried three different brands of bottles on my gassy 2 month old. Nothing worked until my sister insisted I try Dr. Brown's bottle. I noticed a difference in my baby within a day of using your bottles. I have also learned the bottles are a breeze to clean."

Janine Fiammetta - Hershey, PA
"I love your product!!! My daughter hardly burps. I work for Babies R Us and recommend them to everyone. I just want to say once again that you have created a great product!!! My daughter went though two other systems before she was happy with Dr. Browns. Thank you."

Holly Knappenberger-DeRosa - Jarrettsville, MD
"My husband and I could not be happier with the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® bottles. Our daughter is 10 weeks old and in those 10 weeks we have been through 3 formulas, used countless other bottles and several bottles of Mylicon drops, all in hopes of trying to help our baby with her gas problem. It wasn't until I came upon the Dr. Brown’s bottles that, immediately after using them for the first time, we were finally able to give our daughter relief from her gas problems. We've discarded all our other bottles and have recommended the Dr. Brown's line of products to friends, coworkers, family and even to our pediatrician and we've given the bottles as gifts. Thank you for such a wonderful product. It's made a world of difference for our daughter."

Christina Mary Bello - Harleysville, PA
"We love your bottles...they are great!!! Our baby does not spit up anymore and is definitely less colicky. We truly appreciate your great product and will recommend these bottles to our friends."

Crystal - New Haven, CT
"Recently I found out that my 4 month old has Acid Reflux and I thought it would be helpful to try Dr. Brown's Bottles. So far the bottles have been working very well and he's not spitting up as much."

Kimberly Campbell - Claycomo, MO
"When my grandson was born, he was having a difficult time with colic (my children never had that problem) and I was in a store just looking around and when I turned around, there in my face was your Dr. Brown’s bottles. I bought a package of three, and the next evening I returned and bought more. They were such a lifesaver for me and my daughter, not to mention my grandson. He is now 8 months old and still on Dr. Brown’s. Thank you!"

Stefani E. - Ft. Worth, TX
"My son is 12 weeks. I’ve been using Dr. Brown’s for 3 weeks. I wanted to thank you for a product that does what it says it does, a true rarity. ‘His’ first month of life he did nothing but scream, cry and draw his legs up- garden variety colic. At 8 weeks he was diagnosed with GI Reflux, just around the time I switched to the bottle. It’s been rough. There wasn’t a bottle around whose nipple he couldn’t collapse or fill with bubbles. On one of the brief moments of quiet when I had a chance to read, I noticed Dr. brown’s ad in American Baby magazine, and the search began…I’ve now replaced every single bottle with Dr. Brown’s…amazing, no nipple collapse and not a single air bubble. This is my first week back at work, and as hard as it’s been to leave him at daycare, there is at least one piece of comfort in knowing when he eats it will be with ease and no discomfort. Particularly at night when he wakes to feed and he eats with vigor, no air makes its way in to his little tummy. Thank you Dr. Brown."

Margaret C. - City Island, NY
"I couldn’t believe my ears when my son’s pediatrician told us that our son was suffering from colic. I was so desperate to try anything to get my son some relief. When I heard about Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® bottles I had to give them a try. As soon as I started using the new bottle I could see my son was drinking his formula easier. His bloating slowly diminished. I’m the first one to admit that there is no sure cure for colic but Dr. Brown’s bottle made a big difference. Matthew is now 6 months old and finally over is colic but I’m still using the bottles. He loves the bottles so why change. Thanks again, you made my life a little more sane."

Amalia Jenkins - Hampton, VA
"I love the Dr. Brown Bottles!! I already recommended it to 2 of my friends and I bought it as a baby shower gift to my cousin. I have a 7 week old and I have not had a problem with her spitting up or colicky thanks to your bottles!"

Daisy G - San Antonio, TX
"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My son was very sick from colic and spitting up. He would cry almost all day long when we first brought him home from the hospital. My husband and I tried every type of bottle on the market, including the bottleswith the "miracle" liners. Nothing worked until one day I saw an ad for Dr. Browns in a children's magazine. I purchased your bottles and I want to thank you because my son was better almost overnight and he has never been sick since. I believe this bottle is helping many children, it has certainly been a miracle for my family! I recommend your bottle to every mother I know. Thank you for giving me the chance to make my son feel better."

Devin & David M. - Charlotte, NC
"Our daughter was very sick when she was 9 days old, she had a staph infection, and had to have surgery to remove all of it. Because of this, she was on antibiotics that tore her stomach apart, and she was not only spitting up, she was vomiting up until a month after she was released from the hospital. I tried all different bottles, but nothing worked as wonderful as the Dr. Brown's bottles. Now, it is the only bottle our three month old will use to drink. Thank you so much, she is not gassy anymore and she is such a happy baby. Thanks Again!"

Sarah - Chicago, IL
"I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your bottles. My youngest son was having a horrible time keeping down his formula and I remembered reading about you bottles, so I bought them and the same day I noticed a change in my son. He didn’t have gas, and for the first time he didn’t spit-up. I was so impressed that a product actually did what it claimed it would do. I recommended your bottle to all my mommy friends; they bought them and are very happy with them as well. I’ve never used any other type of bottle since. Thank you so much for this wonderful product."

Justine M. - Randolph, MA
"I just wanted to let your company know that I think the bottles by Dr. Brown are GREAT!! My 1-month-old son was using another more expensive bottle, but he kept getting a blister on his little lip. He had to suck sooo hard that it made feeding terrible! It used to take more than 1 hour for 4 oz of formula. Then I remembered that I had gotten a free Dr. Brown's bottle at a local Baby Fair, so I decided to try it, and was I surprised. The feeding time was much shorter and my son was less gassy!!! Thank you for Dr. Brown's bottles!!!!!!!!!!"

Angela B. - Valdosta, GA
"After weeks of having feeding problems with our 6-week-old daughter (colic, gas, etc.) our pediatrician recommended using Dr. Brown’s bottles. WHAT A HUGE difference! From the very first feeding she seemed more content and comfortable, and now she is the happiest 3-month-old I've ever seen. Wish I'd known about your bottle for my first child who had lots of feeding problems. Thanks for a great product!"